Please see below for information concerning awards and grants provided by the BLM LC and KSRA.

Celebrate Literacy Award
What is this award for? The Celebrate Literacy Award is recognition of a chosen nominee at the Council level for exemplary efforts in advancing literacy in schools or their local area.

Who may apply? The nominee may be a professional educator such as a teacher, librarian, aide, or volunteer.

What is the deadline? All nomination forms must be received by April 1, 2017

The Council awards committee will preview the application and the recipient of the award will be announced at the last general membership meeting of the year (usually May).

The winner will then be submitted to KSRA for nomination of the
Celebrate Literacy Award
at the state level for consideration.
Click here for your electronic application and nominate a colleague today!

Community Involvement Grant
What is this award for? We are pleased to offer your organization an opportunity to create a community project or support an ongoing project that promotes literacy. The eligible proposal or eligible program will receive a $100.00 award. The proposal must be committed to increasing literacy of students, adults, or families; and must provide direct literacy services within the community

Who may apply? Any teachers, instructors, librarians, professionals, and parents who have the common goal of promoting reading and literacy for all people.

What is the deadline? All one needs to do is complete the attached three page application and return by April 1st, 2017. Completed applications will be scored and award recipients will be notified in June, 2017.

Click here for your electronic application and nominate a program in your community today!

Any questions concerning any grants or awards may be forwarded to:
Michele Evans, President
Butler-Lawrence-Mercer Reading Council
Email: Michele Evans